Remembering Stewart Moskowitz

We loved that guy. He came to my door the day after our Summit Valley victory with a self-portrait in neon paint he knew I loved and gave it to me as a thank you. They lived for years in the Glenview neighborhood overlooking Summit Valley. We did an interview up on Stewart’s roof with the Daily News about the battle. He also is the father of the “8th Dwarf Greedy” sign and carried that sign to our protest march at Disney’s Burbank Studios, where, a week before the final hearing, we (children, moms and dads) marched beneath the building [that is] enshrined with all seven dwarfs. “Greedy” went viral before there was an internet, and showed up in a couple of news stories about Michael Eisner, then CEO of Disney, well after the battle. It was also rumored, but never verified, that Eisner picked up the phone and called the RETLAW folks (the developers) the day of our little march, urging them to stop the development because it was giving Disney a bad name. Our signs read: “They make nature shows, but it’s nature they bulldoze,” and “Save our Bambis, save our Thumpers.”

–Susan Nissman


Memorial Day is about heroes and sadly we lost one of our own local heroes on May 23 when renowned artist Stuart Moskowitz passed from this world. Stewart supported all our local causes for many years and he designed two of our Topanga Days t-shirts. For those of us who know the Moscowitz family, I ask that we take a moment to send our love and support through the air to them today as we enjoy another beautiful Topanga Days together.

–Linda Hinrichs


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