SAGES Chair Yoga: Get Fit Where You Sit

As people age, they tend to move less and sit around more, which takes a “Use it or lose it” toll on the body. Less movement means more pain, followed by even less activity and starts a vicious circle that does not have to be that way. 

Lola Babalon’s Chair Yoga classes have added another dimension to gentle exercise.

“Pain is only here to teach us,” she says. “Learn to safely stretch beyond your comfort zone and enjoy a fuller range of motion. By doing this safely, mindfully, and with the breath, you can help yourself and avoid trouble later on.”

Sitting itself is often the culprit. It leads to tight hips, bad posture, and slumping. Gravity takes a toll. “Let’s go the other way,” she says, “by using the chair to stretch up, back, sideways, and in all directions to mobilize the spine so it remembers to do the things it’s meant to do.”  

Babalon assures this is done safely by joining movement and breath. Breath is what anchors the soul in the body and oxygen is a fabulous rejuvenator. “Consider it anti-gravity therapy and something that will lift you up.” Babalon says.

No experience necessary, dress comfortably. Good for any age, shape, size, or condition. People in wheelchairs can attend, as well as those preparing for long hours on crowded airlines. The session includes a few easy standing stretches for those who can, and a brief self-healing meditation.

The weekly Friday morning class starts at 11 a.m. on March 6 in the SAGES room at the Topanga Community Center. Cost: $6.


Lola Babalon is a Topanga medicine woman, yogini, psychic and herbalist. She provides insight and healing, consultations, readings, and classes. Contact her at  or (310) 455-0103. 


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