SAGES Kicks Off Tea & Talk Time

Since the SAGES Room, the senior addition at the Topanga Community Center, opened last spring, it has rocked with activities. Low-cost classes, run by the Sages with seniors in mind but open to all ages, fill the space. Classes at the room now include Tai Chi, Buff Bones, Yoga Fusion, portrait painting, and violin.

On Tuesday, January 28, at 9 a.m., Mary Crescenzo will kick off another of her very popular memoir writing classes. For information on fees and signups for all these classes, check the Messenger’s calendar.

These classes and others held at the library and in private homes have been very well received. Starting in February, though, the Canyon Sages will finally realize a long-held dream—unstructured times for seniors to drop in, kick back, and chat over tea and coffee. Topanga’s own mini senior hang-out.

Tea & Talk Drop-ins will kick off Tuesday, February 4, and continue each Tuesday and Thursday afternoon from 12:30-3 p.m. It’s free and open to all who want to meet up with friends and neighbors in the light and airy space. Those who come are invited to bring their suggestions. Want to start a bridge game, talk books or politics, bring a lunch to munch or share? Is there a favorite board game you’d like to try? Many know Lee Kelly and remember her as the guardian of the Community Center, back in the days when she and her husband, Richard, were its caretakers. She will be the gracious host, ready to greet you at the door.

This is a pilot program that will only work if people show up and enjoy! Come on February 4 to check it out. Feel free to bring snacks or goodies to share. It’s up to you to make the Sages Room your room. The Sages Room is located behind the Community Center at 1440 N. Topanga Canyon Blvd.

If you are interested in coming or have suggestions about the SAGES’ new venture, contact Lee Kelly at  


By Michele Johnson


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  1. I had a great time on Tuesday. It was interesting listening and sharing stories. What an amazing group of people! Look forward to coming back over the following weeks.

    I also went to the yoga restoration and Justine is really amazing. She was so helpful in giving me ways to modify some of the exercises and I learned a lot. I highly recommend this class. Justine has a great depth of knowledge that will help me to build up my strength as I attend her classes.

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