Snow Night at Pine Tree Circle Continues

The 20th year of Snow Night at Pine Tree Circle continues the tradition on Sunday, December 22, and follow in the footsteps of its creators, Leslie and Steve Carlson, according to Nathan Daneshgar, who bought the property in September 2018.

By 4 p.m., 20 tons of snow will fill the small parking lots, fire rings will be stoked to warm cold, wet hands of kids and grownups alike, who have dodged snowballs and fled from flying saucers.

A groaning board will fill up with potluck dishes lovingly prepared by those who look forward to sharing in the holiday tradition. Local stalwarts Linda Hinrichs and Randy Just not only help set up the event but always bring a big pot of chili. The management will supply plates, plasticware, and bottles of water, but the community does the rest. Bring something for yourself and more to share. Hearty comfort food, soups, hot chocolate, and holiday desserts are what this outdoor event calls for.

Doug Roy and Topanga’s All-American Howling Coyote (Jingle Bells) Brass Band are already rehearsing for the annual Snow Day sing-along in preparation for the special appearance by Santa (and maybe Mrs. Claus) with a big bag o’ gifts for the kiddies.

All of the shops and the Gallery in Pine Tree Circle will stay open that night, a perfect opportunity for last-minute shopping and catching up with friends.


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