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Three people can stand in the same place and each see the view in entirely different ways.

Rarely can this visual diversity be shared or illustrated, but Artists Don Holtz, Russell Hunziker and Moises Mendoza have traveled to seven locations around greater Los Angeles and interpreted the view through their own mediums and styles: photography, plein air in oil, and abstract in acrylic and mixed media.

Most art exhibitions give you one artist’s view of a scene or idea. Perspectivas breaks the mold and offers three artists, seven locations, three mediums and their unique perspectives of the real world.

The artists chose Leo Carrillo State Beach, Topanga State Park, Malibu Pier, Griffith Observatory, LA River and Bridges, Lifeguard Stations, and El Matador State Beach as their locations. Each artist brings his unique life experience, using his preferred media and technique.

“We all have a story to tell each other about how we see things, how we view the world,” photographer Don Holtz explains. “Sometimes I find myself judging or disagreeing with someone else’s story, only to realize that we’re actually telling each other the same story, just from differing perspectives. This was my mindset when creating this body of work: telling my story while leaving room for the perspective of my fellow man.”

Quiet in person, Moises Mendoza allows his mixed media work to express bold and complex feelings. He shared what this exhibition meant to him: “Ordinarily my paintings represent purely imaginary locations, occasionally a passive influence of a real-life place. For this show I altered my process to reflect real locales. This was a challenge to do some creative work that pushed me into uncomfortable places. This tension can make for some precarious decisions and risks that hopefully pay off. The unexpectedness is all part of the fun, of course, and I hope this comes across to the viewers and that they enjoy seeing them as much as I did making them.”

“I spent the first 40 years of my career designing and building the most advanced aerospace aircraft and spacecraft the world has ever seen,” says Russ Hunziker. “I’m spending the next 40 painting the natural beauty around me.” With a history of precision, and a passion for the outdoors, his landscapes in oil show the beauty and tension in the natural landscape. “This show provided an opportunity to do what I love most, giving my perspective of the beauty I see,” Hunziker says. “It also demanded that I provide a different look to some common scenes. Painting at night or incorporating more contemporary aspects of painting design to provide a unique view of a common scene provides a different perspective. Come and enjoy my love of nature and art.”

Topanga Canyon Gallery is pleased to present these three accomplished artists and their individual take on specific locations in the Southern California landscape. The show runs August 29 to September 26. Opening Reception is September 7, 4-7 p.m.


Topanga Canyon Gallery, founded in Topanga in 1989, is an artist-owned mutual benefit corporation. It is located at 120 N Topanga Canyon Blvd., Topanga CA 90290. For more information: (310) 455-7909; Gallery Hours: Wednesday and Thursday 2-6 .p.m, Friday 12–8 p.m.; Saturday 11 a.m.– 6 p.m.; Sunday 11 a.m.–5 p.m.


By Kate Kinkade and Sari Scheer



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