Topanga Community Compost Hub “State of Our Compost” Update

The Topanga Community Compost Hub, launched in the early fall, has been attended by several faithful Topanga composters. While the bins are filling up, the latest visit by our compost “tender” Kenny Derieg led us to discover that while there were early complaints about insufficient mulch, it appears that there has been excessive mulching resulting in a mix that is too heavy in carbon. This excess carbon has slowed down the decomposition rate and impeded the necessary heat buildup to create the earthy compost outcome.

Successful compost requires a good balance of “greens” and “browns”, the greens being kitchen waste such as eggshells, vegetable cuttings and fruit peels and the brown being mulch. For the next month or so, we urge composters to bring their own hand shovel and dig a hole into the pile to empty their kitchen organics and cover it up. We expect that very quickly we’ll have the piles back in balance.

Notice will go out early January about the next weekend workshop for those who would like to attend and learn what to compost and get any compost questions answered. Send your email to to be included.


Bonnie Morgan

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