Two-Day Workshop on Heart-Soul-Centered Communication Skills

If your New Year’s Resolution includes reducing stress, supporting immune function, creating or renewing romance, or maintaining successful personal and professional relationships, a two-day Commitment to Love workshop may be what you’re looking for.

“Miscommunication in relationships can be the source of mental and emotional stress that impairs cognitive processing, weakens immune function, makes the body more susceptible to illness and disease, and destroys relationships,” explains holistic stress reduction expert and spiritual therapist Dianne Porchia. A 16-year resident of Topanga Canyon and the founder of Porchia’s WISH, Inc., an acronym for “Whole Integrated Self Health.” 

“I work with many people going through big life challenges such as divorce, death of a loved one, auto-immune disorders, and cancer diagnosis,” Porchia explains. “I have found that the ways in which people speak to themselves and others plays a big part in how much mental and emotional stress they hold inside their body. Heart-soul-centered communication skills is foundational to my unique holistic approach to health and wellness.”

Porchia appears in the documentary, HEAL, along with Deepak Chopra, Joe Dispenza, Bruce Lipton, Gregg Braden, Anita Moorjani, and other leading proponents of  science, medicine, and spirituality. The film, she says, “illuminates how the body wants to heal, yet the mind gets in the way.”

The documentary features Porchia’s successful work with an advanced-stage cancer client who remained cancer-free for more than five years after diagnosis of stage IV colorectal cancer.

“I utilize the principles and practice of mind-body-heart-soul energy medicine to help my clients reduce stress and support immune function through stress-provoking life challenges,” she says. “Communication skills are foundational to my work.” 

Porchia describes how one client, who suffered from an auto-immune disorder since childhood, made peace with her past.

“I invited her parents to attend a family session in which all parties had a chance to share from the heart in a sacred space,” she says. “After the session, my client told me, ‘I can’t believe how much I was always loved and didn’t know it.’” 

As part of her Life In Balance Wellness Retreat in Topanga, Porchia arranges for her clients to take yoga classes at Yoga Desa, and make appointments for massages, cranio-sacral, sound healing, and floatation tank sessions. She often takes her clients on hikes in the canyon as part of their retreat program. 

The Commitment to Love workshop, focused on heart-and-soul centered communication skills, is essential training for therapists, wellness professionals, parents, entrepreneurs, singles and couples. 

“Parents who learn how to be a clear, complete, honest and heart-centered communicators with their spouse and partners can then model and teach these new communication skills to their children. This skill helps to reduce the children’s mental and emotional stress, frustration, and anxiety because they learn how to better communicate their feelings, needs and desires in a manner that can be heard by others,” Porchia explains.

“Nature has always been my spiritual connection to the Divine,” she says and adds that she uses” the healing energy of nature in Topanga to facilitate her work with clients and retreat participants.

“I feel so blessed to live and work in Topanga Canyon amongst all of nature’s healing beauty and with so many fabulous people who make up the Topanga community,” she said. The HEAL documentary, now on Netflix, has catapulted my business. I am blessed to work with clients from all over the world and want to share my unique holistic approach with others in the healing arts.” 


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