“Travelscope” Honored with Prestigious Award

Travelscope host Joseph Rosendo receives a blessing at the Oudong Temple Complex in Cambodia in Season 10 “Mekong River Adventure, Part 1.” Photo by Julie Rosendo

Joseph Rosendo’s Travelscope has received numerous awards over the years, but, as Rosendo notes, this one is special.

“Being honored by the Society of American Travel Writer’s Lowell Thomas Travel Journalism Competition with a Broadcast Media Award for Season 10’s ‘Mekong River Adventure – Part 1’ is truly icing on the cake.

“The true pleasure of producing Joseph Rosendo’s Traveslcope is traveling the world and having the opportunity to share my adventures with our audiences and in the process open minds, break down walls, and build bridges between people and cultures.

“During his five decades in travel journalism Lowell Thomas became a noted broadcast journalist, prolific author, and world explorer. All of us follow in his footsteps and this year marks my fiftieth year of travel. I’m dedicated and devoted to the joys of travel and plan to keep on keeping on! Thank you for joining me on the journey.”

Happy Traveling!


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