Triumph Over Adversity

Kamakshi Hart brought her acclaimed one woman show about her own sexual assault back home to Topanga. at a time when Dr. Christine Blasey Ford’s testimony of her own sexual assault to the Senate Judiciary Committee is still painfully fresh in our minds and the #MeToo movement more relevant and important than ever.

“Wild at Hart”, written and performed by Kamakshi Hart and directed and developed by Jessica Lynn Johnson, had the packed audience on its feet in a standing ovation for this powerful performance that burst with energy and emotion.

Hart sings beautifully and acts with passion as she displays an array of terrific accents taking on the roles of family, friends. mentors and her nemesis, shame.

Hart’s personal journey from adversity to triumph has been wowing audiences and critics alike. She was inspired to write it after the #MeToo movement brought so many sexual assault survivors out into the open.

After an eventful life of excess with some success on the East Coast as a yoga teacher and a string of abusive and failed relationships, Hart moved to Topanga 15 years ago for a new beginning – not knowing why her life had left her an emotional wreck.

It was during a training session to connect with her inner child for her master’s program at the University of Santa Monica in Spiritual Psychology that Hart broke down and realized what had happened to her as a five-year-old child by her grandfather, and the pain of not having her mother believe her.

Hart believes her mother was also on the receiving end of Hart’s grandfather’s sexual abuse which is why her mother became dependent on pills and severely mentally ill there was nothing to be gained in raising the subject with her mom, and her grandmother  had died before the suppressed emotion and experience came to the fore.

These details were discussed during the question and answer session following the performance at Topanga’s Rosewood.

The Q & A took a while to get going as each and every audience member who couldn’t stay for the session wanted to hug and praise Hart for her show.But once it began, Hart answered the many questions with honesty and empathy explaining her mission to impart practical tools for youth, parents, educators and healing professionals to generate a significant shift in behavior and culture.

Hart’s sister, a clinical psychologist, validated Hart’s experience. “When she came to the show in June, it was really hard for her,” said Hart. “I had to completely surrender to what came out on the page because I had no idea where it was going to lead. I had 56 years worth of stories to share but I couldn’t tell them all. This experience has made me more determined than ever to help people share their stories. The power of unloading in a therapeutic way, not necessarily re-hashing our stories but with a new awareness, can bring healing and transformation.”

With a thriving practice as a master guide, counsellor and facilitator, Hart’s life’s work is to help others heal and transform in order to gain clarity about their relationships, life’s path and meaningful purpose.

If Hart were counseling Dr. Christine Blasey Ford she said, “I would tell her she needs at least a month off from putting anything out there for anybody else. Get as much support and self care as she possibly can. There are so many unique features to healing, not just where there’s major trauma. I would want her to listen to an MP3 on repeat telling her what an amazing, beautiful, courageous, phenomenal soul that she is.”

Hart doesn’t think Judge Brett Kavanagh’s election to the Supreme Court in the wake of Dr. Ford’s allegation has set back the #MeToo movement or will prevent other victims of sexual assault sharing their experiences. “It’s an intense time,” Hart said. “I think it’s a watershed time. So many people are riled up. Breaking the code of silence is a good thing. So many people are thanking me for sharing my story.”

Hart urges us all to listen to survivors’ stories and believe them. “This is why I’m doing workshops. It helps to get help. The more we shed light on the need to heal, the more we can get rid of the shame. The bottom line is self compassion, whatever the level of the trauma or experience.”

Kamakshi Hart is holding a Wild at Hart Workshop on Saturday, October 20 1 p.m.-4 p.m. at Rosewood, 1111 N. Topanga Canyon Blvd. It’s an experiential exploration of personal healing and societal shift through building resilience and empathy – a proactive, visionary model for #MeToo and #TimesUp concerns. All ages and genders welcome.

There’s another chance to see “Wild at Hart” at the Santa Monica Binge Fringe Festival on Sunday, November 4 at 7.30 p.m. at the Santa Monica Playhouse.

Director Jessica Lynn Johnson holds free weekly workshops in Sherman Oaks to coach people to share their stories. More events  are planned in Santa Monica.


Claire Fordham

Fordham worked for the BBC, ITN and Sky News in the UK and wrote a weekly anecdotal column for Britain’s biggest-selling newspaper, The Sun. She currently writes regularly for Huffington Post, The Malibu Times and the Messenger Mountain News. See "A Chat with Claire Fordham" on this website under Podcasts.

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