Welcome Home, Katie

Katie Dalsemer, longtime Topanga resident, talented photographer and all around swell gal is back in the bosom of her community, after a bout with a challenging medical situation, that kept her under medical care in San Diego since earlier this year. Many concerned and caring Topanga denizens let out a collective sigh of relief that echoed through the hills. It was good to see her back on the job as a photographer chronicling the Transport Literary Festival last month for the Messenger.  

Sometimes, God’s in his heaven and all’s right with the world.    

 -Kathie Gibboney


Kathie Gibboney

It has been said that Kathie Gibboney invented the Unicorn, which she neither admits nor denies, as it might reveal her true age. Kathie is an essayist, reporter, and poet for MMN with her column, "My Corner of The Canyon." She lives happily in a now-empty nest in Topanga, CA with The Beleaguered Husband and a marmalade cat.

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