Wild at Hart Topanga Encore

Kamakshi Hart (center) Jessica Lynn Johnson (r) with Bob Leggett, the “LA Music Critic,”
accept Fringe Festival award for Hart’s one-woman show. Photo courtesy of Matt Kamimura

Following a successful run at the Hollywood Fringe Festival 2018, the award-winning Wild at Hart is coming to Topanga for a one-night-only encore performance on Sunday, October 14, 4 p.m.

In this profoundly moving one-woman show, solo artist Kamakshi Hart vividly tells her story of how she found the ways to survive, heal, and rise above traumatic events that began in early childhood. 

Aligning with current social initiatives, such as #MeToo and #TimesUp, Kamakshi shares her story to initiate enlightened conversations that will stimulate real cultural change and transformation. Through her courageous narrative, Kamakshi illuminates the value of telling our stories and the grace of healing that comes when we are truly heard. Through our shared vulnerability we can be restored to belonging and develop the empathy needed to heal together as a community of souls no matter our gender or cultural inheritance.

Her show is for mid-teens and up and their attendance is highly encouraged and important for them to see. Parents, please come as a family, dads, too, and plan to stay for the follow-up discussion.

Additional support will be offered by Kamakshi at her “Wild At Hart Workshop” on Saturday, October 20, 1-4 p.m., at Rosewood. More information will be presented at her performance and can be found at https://www.facebook.com/Kamakshi.WildAtHart/.

Contact Kamakshi at kamakshihart.com; (310) 455-9932.

A post-show discussion and artist’s reception immediately follows the performance.

Rosewood in Topanga is located at 1111 N. Topanga Canyon Boulevard. Advance ticket purchase required. https://wildathart.brownpapertickets.com/.



“Kamakshi has lived, written and performed her tale in a soul-baring, vulnerable weaving that left her 16-year-old daughter and I inspired to not only throw our arms around one another (& Kamakshi) but talk through real life #MeToo matters from a place of compassion and empathy for the far too many survivors healing from such traumas including my own. It opened a precious parenting window for further discussion on how my daughter can strengthen her spirit and voice to handle sh*t should it arise and how to reach for help and support rather than withdraw in shame. Kamakshi radiated her heart into her audience leaving us stirred up with so many thoughts, feelings, and emotions that we desired to spend more time hearing about her work in helping others heal and look forward to her upcoming workshops to process what we learned even more.” 

Katie Ramsey

Wild at Hart is not just a solo show, nor a musical, nor a coming-out horror story, but true masterpiece theater. Her light shone brightly as a soul who has done so much work to make sense and peace with her many traumas…and then there is her singing. Who takes on solo theater, adds spiritual songs and musical theater, a capella I might add, and magnificently tells of her painful past while bringing the audience into the most wonderful light of forgiveness and healing? Kamakshi does. I highly recommend her show so you, too, can be a witness to what the process of transformation truly looks like.” —-

-Naomi Collins-Beltz


Photo Credit: Theresa Stroll; Graphic Design: Wes Mathur
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