Mother Nature Has the Flu

It’s the height of the flu season and here in the Santa Monica Mountains the winter cold has finally settled in. Enjoy another cover illustration by the gifted Calamity Cole with her depiction of Gaia being treated with love and care by a bevy of astronauts; obviously she is fighting more than the flu. Look long to see all the details.

It’s an Election Year!

And don’t we all know it. The Messenger plans to keep you up to date on all of the local, county and state government news as the country grapples with enormous change and hopefully–intense interest in voting to be heard. We start with our youngest citizens as they learn about running for office themselves.

A Hearty, Hopeful Welcome to 2018

Dear Readers,
Enjoy our first issue of 2018.

And a note of special thanks to our cover illustrator, Calamity Cole, who has brought us some hope, whimsy and persistence to our first issue of the year.

Welcome to the last issue of 2017

Dear Readers,
Enjoy this issue and please “believe in the season” after this tumultuous year. The Messenger team is on hiatus until our next issue January 12, 2018.

We are so grateful for the support of our readers, advertisers and contributors.

Many thanks,
Bonnie & Flavia

SHOP LOCAL: Discounted Advertising for December 1 & 15

The old Topanga Messenger used to have canyon-wide distribution for its last issue of the year–a holiday gift to all residents and businesses in the canyon.

The new Messenger Mountain News is that gift all year ’round. We now estimate our circulation numbers to be near 12,000 and growing.

Our special holiday issues, December 1 and December 15 will sport the theme of Shop Local and attempt to feature all the businesses in the canyon. We invite all businesses to take advantage of our discounts available just for these two issues and get your very own canyon-wide coverage!

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A Messenger Sponsored Podcast – “The Chat with Claire Fordham”

Journalist and broadcaster Claire Fordham introduces her latest creative project, a podcast: “The Chat with Claire Fordham.”

Interesting people. Regular contributor to the Messenger Mountain News, Claire Fordham loves writing and reading about them, but hearing them speak with their own unique voices is an even better way to understand their stories and what makes them tick.

Considering her extensive experience as a freelance journalist—she worked for the BBC, ITN and Sky News in the UK and wrote a weekly anecdotal column for Britain’s biggest-selling newspaper, The Sun and currently writes regularly for Huffington Post, The Malibu Times and us, she is an author as well.

In “The Chat with Claire Fordham,” that launched October 9, she shares extended interviews with people she wrote about in the Messenger— the “Good Witch” Coco Blignaut, musical warrior Tony Selvage, creative visionary Kathy Eldon and death midwife Olivia Bareham.

She asks readers to put on their headphones, click on the link and give “The Chat” a listen. “If you like it, share it.”

This post is an excerpt of an article on Fordham’s new podcast; for the full article go to Issue 20, October 22, 2017, page 25

Take a listen of The Chat here on our Podcasts page. You can also listen on Fordham’s website: