Letters – February 9, 2017



Kathryn and I just finished reading the inaugural issue of the Messenger Mountain News. Congratulations to you and Flavia!  Bravissima!  Well done!   

We were deeply moved by your introductory letter.  Your vision for building a better Topanga is incredibly inspiring.   The entire inaugural issue made us feel so proud of Topanga, and also very excited for the future of the paper!

We are also extremely honored and humbled to have been interviewed and included in the inaugural issue.  Kathryn and I tried to convey in the interview how living and working in Topanga profoundly influenced the score that we wrote for Mr. Scorsese’s Silence.  Kind of like “Topanga meets Scorsese”.  Topanga has indeed given us so much.

Thank you both for giving so much back to the community.  You inspire us all!

With Greatest Admiration and Respect,

Kim & Kathryn




Dangerous Tuna Canyon


After reading the Malibu Times regarding safety on PCH, I cannot believe the city of Malibu would be permitting a project like the one at the bottom of Tuna Canyon, which is steeper and longer then the California Incline!  After the storms of last few weeks that closed Topanga Canyon Boulevard, why has no one in Malibu or the Topanga City Council seen the need for Tuna Canyon upkeep. As this was the only exit for people who live and commute from Topanga.

Malibu is responsible for the last half of a mile at the bottom, which needs much improvement, and is now turning a one-way troubled intersection into a two-way driveway for someone who has deep pockets. I am very happy that we made it through these storms without getting injured. When the construction crew park their trucks at the bus stop or on the south side of the road, there is no way to see the oncoming traffic when we are trying to turn left…very dangerous. The bottom of Tuna needs to be wide enough for emergency fire trucks. 

Please use some of the $38.3 million dollars for the safety of Tuna Canyon Road.


Alfred W. Brostowicz, 43-year property taxpayer and resident of Tuna Canyon Road


Editor’s Note: Those of us who need to use the alternate route in emergencies, couldn’t agree more and we’re pleased Mr. Brostowicz is speaking up. Malibu is an incorporated city and concerns like this should be properly directed to the Malibu City Council. As an unincorporated area, Topanga does not have a City Council. We have a volunteer Topanga Canyon Town Council that is our liaison with our governing body, the L.A. County Board of Supervisors, the office of Supervisor Sheila Kuehl, Third District. Residents of Topanga should direct similar concerns to Supervisor Kuehl atsheila@bos.lacounty.gov; (213) 974-3333  




Terry Moriarty – “You guys are amazing!”

Bruce Glove – “Way to go, Bonnie & Flavia! Every community needs determined folks like y’all!”

Susan Alderetti –“Thank you girls, it will be wonderful to start knowing your neighbor, businesses and hearing about some of your friends…Sending good wishes for a successful venture.”

Toni Colvin—“It is wonderful.  I like the new format also – very much.  Great of you to keep it going.”

Molli Hogan—“I love the  new paper. Thank you for all your hard work!!

Jess Falkenhagen – “Congratulations ! Nice work motivating and getting a new paper out so quickly and efficiently ! Proud to be a Topangan thank you for your hard work “

Rebecca Barkin—“Congratulations!  So great that you’ve put together this paper for the community. “

Molly LeMay—“The first issue is wonderful, amazing how you guys pulled it together – God, do I love Topanga!”

Lee Rhoads—“So thrilled to see a new Messenger coming out!”

Gail McDonald-Tune – “Y’all are rock stars! Your perseverance through that dark tunnel delivered us all a triumph! What an awesome paper!  Thank you thank you “

Bill Buerge – “Got my first Messenger…it is so beautiful. Thank you.’


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