Letters – July 28, 2017

Staying Cool in Fernwood

Took this photo on a hot day, someone suggested I send it to you guys for the summer heatwave!

This is how we stay cool in “Cilmate-perfect Fernwood!”
Let me know if you all print it-
Thanks guys,

-Anonymous Fernwood Gardener




Roadside Trash Warriors

Dear Editor,

On June 9, Topanga’s TCB Trash Warriors were out in force with seven volunteers cleaning Topanga Canyon Boulevard from Mulholland to PCH, the most warriors that have ever been out at one time. Through the efforts of our volunteers, the Boulevard looks better than ever. The Topanga community’s awareness of our Scenic Highway and the rest of the Boulevard is growing. New people are joining us or expressing their desire to do so. One of our volunteers, Beth Goode, has stepped up to help Beth Burnam and Carrie Carrier get the 38 percent of our neighbors with property along the Boulevard to comply and clear the roadside brush. 

Keeping Topanga Forever Scenic is a full-time job.  It takes the efforts of our volunteer community, our elected officials and our city, county and state agencies. We don’t have to reinvent wheels or committees, just make what we’ve already established more inclusive and more expansive. Where there’s a will, there is always a way—in fact, many ways.


—Joseph Rosendo, Community Liaison

Topanga Chamber of Commerce




It’s the Cutest Thing…

Dear Editor,

…Neighbors have been clipping techie articles and leaving them in my mailbox. It’s been happening for a couple months now. They have “all of a sudden” been noticing stories about technology. Building the awareness and developing the vocabulary of our readers regarding these issues is giving them a new confidence. Thanks a million for giving me the chance to do this educating. I love it!

Paula LaBrot, Columnist

All Things Connected



Dear Flavia and Bonnie:

Thank you for getting behind the new Messenger and breathing such beautiful life into our local paper. I always enjoy reading it from cover to cover. Urs’ covers are pretty darn awesome as well. Loved the article and ad placement. Thanks.

Warm regards,
— Bruce Royer


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