Letters – June 30, 2017

Scott King at the corner of Piuma and Scheuren Roads. Photo by Daniel Schag

This year Arson Watch began replacing the older Arson Watch signs with our new updated reflective version developed by Todd Prince of Malibu Arson Watch. The Arson Watch signs are mounted below the LA County Fire Department brush clearance signs that indicate “NO OPEN FIRE and NO SMOKING.” Scott King has been fabricating and installing our Arson Watch signs for several years and has recently begun fabricating our new reflective signs on a larger background board in bright red.

Will Carey, our local Arson Watch leader says, “These signs move us to a new level of public attention and awareness.” If you see Scott around (he drives his tan Toyota pickup with “Arson Watch” tags always present). Please acknowledge his volunteer work with a wave, honk, or thumbs up. He, and others, are working to keep our community safe from devastating wild fires.

— Daniel Schag, Ph.D.


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