Lola Babalon—Bright Spirit in the Canyon

Lola Babalon. Photo by Tony Verebes

Enter the spiritual domain of Lola Babalon where psychic gifts combine with a multidisciplinary approach to assist people through the challenges of life.

It all started in the “City of Fools,” also known as Dülken, Germany, famous for its festive carnivals. Lola’s mother passed away when she was just five years old, leaving Lola and her young siblings behind. A year later she had a stepmother. Looking back at these difficult times, Lola developed a greater understanding of the enormity of her stepmother’s undertaking.

Pursuing nursing careers seemed like the fastest way for Lola and her sister to get out of the house. She started working part-time in a hospital at age 14. Her father advised his daughters to marry farmers so they would always have enough to eat but Lola had her own ideas. She became a night nurse in the Death and Dying ward of a Munich hospital for seven years.

A voracious reader, the night shift provided Lola the opportunity to begin her lifelong study of herbalism, metaphysics, astrology, tarot, palmistry, handwriting analysis, numerology and other synergistic healing modalities. Her intuitive nature bloomed in those years. When patients rang for help, she often knew exactly what they needed and just bring it to them.

At 28, Lola left everything and everyone she had ever known and moved to America. She got married, had a baby and lived in the valley. When her daughter, Julie, was five, Lola and her husband Mike broke up. He moved to Topanga. In 1992, with a co-parenting arrangement, Lola and Julie also settled in Topanga. It was a good situation with Mike’s mother being a very supportive friend and grandmother.

Lola gave spiritual readings at the Psychic Eye Bookstore for seven years and eventually established a private clientele. When she advises people, she feels the presence of benevolent spirits move through her and has no need to protect herself from psychic backlash. Still, she positions herself as conscious and diplomatic with one foot always in the real world.

Regarding the future of our planet, Lola believes that we will survive because there is a growing awakening and there is more hope than doom and gloom. She highlights the importance of our everyday choices. She says we need to remember to love, soften our hearts and be kind and gentle to each other while avoiding polarization and name calling.

“It is not the government. It is each one of us doing our part in our own backyards. The ‘Us’ is so much bigger than the ‘Them,'” she cautions.

Although Lola was raised as a Catholic, her religion predates the Judeo Christian paradigm. Her gods transcend judgement and exist in the multiverse and in each one of us.

Topanga has treated Lola Babalon well. She has seen many changes but thinks that our community’s essence remains the same. It may be harder to find affordable rents she says, but “if one is meant to be here, a way will open.” She spoke of a recent Historical Society meeting and how neighbors continue to stand up for the community. The late Tim Vickers said that Topanga is a “self-pruning” society. According to Lola, “We are incredibly lucky to be living in this part of the world.”

Our engaging interview ended with Lola, who has a mischievous sense of humor, saying that she can only do her part in helping people understand themselves.

“I am a love teacher. I am all about love, but my local lovers have been few and far between. My Mars is in the sign of Sagittarius, which means I like men from far-away places.” she quipped.

Prediction: Lola Babalon will continue to be a bright light in the canyon and that good things are ahead for her.

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By Diane Shields


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