March for Science Los Angeles

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Topangans Lyn Henley, Nora Slattery, Diane Ditez, Kristina Levy and Debra Silbar joined 50,000 other concerned Citizens, Scientists and Environmentalist in the peaceful March For Science Los Angeles, just one of 400 marches held on Earth Day around the world.

According to the organizers, the March for Science was created to call attention to the crucial role science plays in driving our economic growth, preserving our environment and protecting the health of our citizens.

The marchers brought inventive signs and chanted “Money for Science and Education, Not Wars and Climate Alteration!”

As the marches turned the corner to City Hall, they were confronted by a small group of Trump supporters waving American flags. They were vastly outnumbered by scientists who were smart enough to ignore their taunts.

As the March came to a close, the group hoped they would not have to return to march for Peace, No Nukes and No More War!


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