Monday May Day March

Teeg Merchant marched again in DTLA on May Day, International Workers Day, and
sent some notes.

“There were about 100,000 people but not much coverage on local news, except for a
ginned-up photo-op about “Trump supporters.” Fake news. It was street theater, in black hoods, hats, police uniforms, badges, the whole nine yards, appeared to chase some protesters and ran into me but I don’t fall down so easy.

“Two separate marches joined for the last few blocks to City Hall, filled two streets for
many blocks, from curb to curb. Tens of thousands of people, pissed off but peaceful. The L.A. Times seems unaware that thousands of people filled PCH in Wilmington on Saturday.

If a tree marches and no one hears it, did it actually march?
“Others from Topanga: Julie Levine, Dennis King, David Troy and Kathleen Hernandez
as a legal observer. The police were a bit rough with her, but this group is steadfast. Union
presence was big so lots of red- and purple-shirted groups. Hot it was on the pavement. We adjourned to eat Chinese food. I’m a working man, so I had a beer as well.”


By Teeg Merchant


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