More Open Space Preserved

The Rocky Ledge Land Preservation Team scored another win for the community when it secured 6.28 Acres of Open Space at 1809 Tuna Canyon in Upper Fernwood.  

The parcel is now part of 126 continuous acres of undisturbed land bordered on the north and south by seasonal creeks and includes many magnificent rock formations, an oak woodland and pristine chaparral. More importantly, the parcel connects Dix Creek, a major tributary to Topanga Creek. This area functions as a valuable wildlife passage and view corridor and Topangans living next to the parcel have reported evidence of mountain lion tracks on their land. 

The Rocky Ledge Land Preservation Team—Topanga residents Jeanne Dancs Arthur, R.C. Brody, William Preston Bowling and Margaret Oakley-Otto—have added this parcel to 20 acres the team saved from development five years ago, with help from County Supervisor Zev Yaroslavsky and then Assembly member Julia Brownley.

The team owes a great debt of gratitude to Paul Edelman, Santa Monica Mountains Conservancy, Garrett Weinstein from the Mountains Recreation and Conservation Authority and the willing and patient seller, Will Oak Wild. 

Together they “found” the money for the purchase and preservation of this property with funding of $206,000 from Coastal Habitat Impact Mitigation Funds; $148,000 from L.A County Third Supervisorial District Prop 62 funds; $76,000 of L.A County Third Supervisorial District Prop A funds; and $30,000 from private donations.

Dedication, communication and collaboration were part of this endeavor. Thank you to the Rocky Ledge Team for doing their part and helping to continue the powerful voice of the mountain lions.


By Miranda Robin


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