Ryder’s on the Storm

Deb Ryder gets a lotta steam up. Photo by Moses Sparks

Talk about energy and wild weather! Blues singer Deb Ryder is a mighty force of nature unto herself!  

Performing at The 131 Club on October 14, Ryder and the Bluesryders band were on fire and stirring things up in a packed house, jumping and packed with locals and Ryder fans.  

If you love blues, look no further. This songstress has enough attitude, energy and lyrics to make you dance, sing and groove the night—and your blues—away.

The 131 Club owned and managed by Brian Howard operates through a charity called “Artists Matter,” which benefits artists in the community. Bartender Rachel Autumn Johnson also gets a shout out for pouring some great libations to wet our whistle as we danced the blues away in this small, intimate venue that gives us a comfortable place to embrace the musicians of our community.  

Deb Ryder’s vocal ability puts her among those great female blues singers that precede her.  

She was born outside Chicago and was influenced at an early age by the music of the City. When Ryder moved to Los Angles, she began appearing on stage as a teen at her stepfather’s famous night spot, “The Topanga Corral,” where she opened for such blues legends as Etta James, Big Joe Turner and Taj Mahal, among others.

Ryder’s voice is big and powerful . Combine that with a captivating stage presence and an adoring crowd and blues music rises to a new level.

Her performances have gathered many awards and has been critically acclaimed at festivals and venues throughout the U.S., Canada and Europe.  

Her albums have received rave reviews from the start with her debut album, “Might Just get Lucky” where she came out swinging and inspired us all with her future in blues music.  

Her second release, “Let it Rain,” was recorded at Ultrasound Studios with legendary award-winning engineer/mixer, Johnny Lee Schell, and was produced by Grammy award-winner Tony Braunagel. This album features an A-List of renowned players that brought fresh energy and a powerful sound. All the songs, written by Ryder, are a celebration of classical blues to modern Chicago to New Orleans.  

Ryder became #2 on the Roots Music Report and Blues Top 50 Albums and was chosen as the Number One pick in the UK. The release made the Grammy ballot in “Best Blues Album” category.

Ryder writes all of her own material with lyrics that paint a gritty personal picture of life, love and troubles with a twist of whimsy. Her third album is the one that sets the blues music community on fire with “Grit, Grease & Tears,” which features 12 original songs that stand as a testament to her spirit.

On October 14, she presented a broad spectrum of styles, serving up a blend of R&B, soul, funk and root-based blues, dripping with and singing her heart out as we were stomping and grinding in our own backyard to songs such as, “You Won’t be True,” “That’s Just How It Is” and “What’s Done is Done.”  

It’s a long wait, but if you missed her here, mark your calendar for the Ventura County Blues Festival on April 28, 2018, and don’t miss her there. She’s well worth waiting for.  

Expect the irrepressible Blues Mama Deb Ryder to continue to make her mark on the blues world now and forever!!


For more information and her latest CD: www.debryder.com.


By Pamela Mesaros


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