Topanga Days Announces Instagram Contest for 2017

For the first time, The Topanga Community Center has announced an exciting new addition to Topanga Days, an Instagram photo contest.

Attendees are encouraged to post their images to Instagram during each day of the Festival; Saturday May 27, Sunday May 28 and Monday, May 29 and include the hashtag #TopangaDays2017. Images of the parade on Monday, May 29 are also eligible. There is no limit to the amount of postings.

Two winners will be selected each day. Winner #1 will be chosen for the most “likes” and Winner #2 for the image that “Best captures Topanga Days.” The latter will be selected by an appointed committee.

The six winners will be announced in the June 16 edition of the Messenger Mountain News.

“Topanga Days means so much to so many people,” says Kelly Rockwell, President of the Topanga Community Center. “We love seeing the festival through the lens of our community and we are excited to try something new this year and to honor creativity through Instagram.”

Winners will receive a pair of tickets for a day of their choice at Topanga Days 2018.

Issue #8 – Move the World

Our cover this month comes from an inspiring photograph of our local youth dance troupe that was given the oh so artsy treatment as usual by Urs Baur.

Remember that Total Eclipse!

In our Issue #6, science writer, David Lynch gave us a great preview of the coming total eclipse that can be seen across the country in August (go to and scroll down to Issue #6, page 16)

If you haven’t taken a moment to read it, be sure you do, for this is no ordinary eclipse–in fact the United States Postal Service is issuing an unusual commemorative stamp for the event. Talk about going all science geek on us! For the first time ever, this stamp will be printed with thermochromic ink, which allows two images to exist on the stamp at the same time. By rubbing the image, the ink reacts with your body heat to reveal the image underneath–the Moon–and when it cools back it shows the eclipse itself.

You can read more about the stamp here:

The stamp will be issued June 20, on the date of the summer solstice.

Issue No. 7, April 21, 2017

Welcome to Issue No. 7! Our lovely cover, “Spring Sequence” is a multimedia collage of photography, Fibonnaci Spirals, which occur frequently in nature, and colored geometric screens. The cover was created by designer, Emily Heeszel (

Click the cover to read the E-Issue.

Another Rattlesnake Wrangler in our Midst

MMN Science contributor, Dave Lynch, sent us this awesome (sorry, no other word for it) shot of the snake he just sequestered and relocated from Topanga Skyline Drive.

“Lovely creature. Southern Pacific Rattler. Caught him in Holly Scoren’s yard. Look at those dreamy colors.”

Locals Bruce and Teresa Royer are celebrated March 19!

Locals Bruce and Teresa Royer are celebrated at the 3rd Annual Operation Hope Award Luncheon March 19!
Esteemed local non-profit, Operation Project HOPE (Helping Other People Everyday) will host the 3rd annual Operation HOPE Awards luncheon at the Brookside Golf Club, located in Pasadena, on Sunday, March 19, 2016, where 100-200 are expected in attendance.

For the last 3 years, OPH has honored the committed passionate individuals and corporations that went above and beyond the call of duty, giving so much more of themselves for the sake of the children in need. Its annual awards program recognizes the outstanding achievements of their dedicated volunteers and donors who make OPH projects and programs a success. OPH is pleased to honor those who demonstrate high ethical standards and exemplify the philanthropic spirit of their organization.

Amongst the honorees are local Topanga Canyon residents, Bruce Royer and Teresa Rosati-Royer, who will receive the ‘Distinguished Heroes’ award. Royer, who is an active member of his local business community where he served as Executive Producer for the Topanga Film Festival and as Media Chair, Vice President and President of the Topanga Chamber of Commerce. Bruce focuses much of his time working with youth and providing meaningful and rigorous engagement in storytelling through media arts.

Teresa co-chairs the Topanga Women’s Circle, a non-profit, committed to making a difference in the lives of the homeless families and veterans as they move into transitional housing. By providing household items and enhancing their bare bone apartments, Teresa ensures they are given a sense of dignity and self-worth at a critical time.
The Distinguished Heroes Award, given to those who’ve demonstrated exemplary volunteerism through the dedication of personal time, which is something Bruce and Teresa are consistent with and honored to do.

The mission of Operation Project HOPE is to refurbish and revitalize Los Angeles school campuses as well as revamp the school’s landscaping, making the learning environment more aesthetically pleasing and conducive to creating safe, supportive spaces where deserving students, staff and teachers alike can create and live their biggest dreams.
“The love and care brought to these schools, facilitates love and care for the children; which translates into educational success for all,” says founder Edward Robles.

To attend the 3rd annual Operation Project HOPE Awards luncheon and to learn more about Operation Project HOPE and previous events, visit

Operation Project HOPE (OPH), a 501 (c3) nonprofit, was founded on the principles that a small group of dedicated and loving people can make a difference in enhancing the learning experience of people, especially children, by providing a better learning environment by beautifying of schools and sharing positive affirmations through school beautification projects.